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Development of an online art gallery market place where all types of artists either professionals or amateur are able to sell their art pieces. I was responsible for the B2B relationships as Artmimo also serves as an art supplier for design studios, home decoration agencies and many other business players in the art sector.

 An art marketplace
for everyone 

Innovation | Organization | Commercial skills || 2016 - 2018

 Founder of a community for all the exchange students 


I realized that the exchange students that were coming to my university did get involved in social life as there was no department that could see on their behalf. I thought that had to change. That is why I created "Unity", an association specifically focus on organizing a welcome pack activity program for them to guarantee their best experience in Spain. Each semester there is more than 300 students and I truly believed that Unity has impacted their Erasmus episode since the first day.  

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Even though the pictures might look like an easy service, the truth is that behind those images there is a lot of work. A work that I will not be able to manage without the participation of volunteering students such as Pablo, Josi or Paloma. Being in charge of Unity for 4 years not only has taught me how to lead people but also how to negotiate efficiently in order to get the best deals for the students.  And last but not least, after being in constant contact with international students, Unity has given me friends all over the world - one of its best gifts. 

Teamwork | Communicating &  Leadership skills  || 2014 - 2019

Los18 & La Fura dels Baus
Los18 at Sonorama festival
Los18 organizing the Sustainable Party
Los18 leading a fitness session
Los18 at Global forum of sustainable cities

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LOS18 is a social, apolitical, universal and non-profit platform that promotes the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDG), approved by the United Nations, through inspiring actions involving governments, businesses and citizens of any type, country, race or age. We are called Los18 because we believe that the 17 SDG require one more element to be effective: the passion, the desire to get involved and create community to work and generate real change. 

Our long - term goal is to carry out a Solidary Voyage. A great challenge with which we will sail around the world by boat, making 18 scales and promoting in each of them a different SDG through actions of citizen collaboration and social volunteering. 

People management | Ability to work under pressure |  Creativity || 2017 - current


 A social enterprise to promote Sustainability 

Los18 is composed of people like you. Ordinary people from very different backgrounds but a common interest: to be part of something bigger and leave a world better than we one we found. There is room for all.

When I was 17 years old I used to do collages. I would cut pieces of magazines and composed abstract pictures like this one. One day I decided to use it as a cover for my laptop and people start asking me how to get one. Something that used to be a hobby started requiring more and more time so when I realized I was not going to be able to attend all the orders I digitalized all the process. That is when moved to try patterns like these digital designs.

Captura de pantalla 2019-06-28 a las 18.
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Modern Holiday Patterns_Element-42.png
Modern Holiday Patterns_Element-42.png

 A simple hobby turned into a business idea 

I didn't create the light bulb - I know, but these were my first steps entrepreneuring and they mean a lot for me.  They involved much more than cutting magazines. You won't believe how many hours I spent in warehouses searching for the best fabrics or negotiating conditions with suppliers that were taking advantage of my young age. These years definitely built part of my character in terms of business and If today I am a driven individual it is because of these Macbook skin stickers

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Skins for macs


Hard-working | Patience | Ambition || 2013 - 2017