My big pillars

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If Jesus died for us in public, why should I live for him in private? I am a firm believer in God and He plays a KEY role in my life. I could speak hours about how he changed my life but I will sum up my relationship with him with the verse of the Bible: "I can do all things through Christ which strengthens me". Philippians 4:13.

Take a look at this video that I filmed for my church where I share my testimony.

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My faith deserves an expression

Reading, the best wisdom source

I am one of those individuals that can't stop reading. Yes, I have an endless hunger for learning and I am genuinely interested in many topics. To put it into perspective, you could perfectly see me reading about the Roman Empire, the biography of Elon Musk or the known "Wealth of Nations" from Adam Smith. If I had to recommend a book a would choose two: First, "The Daniel Dilemma", from Chris Hodges and second, "The theory circle: purpose through observation" from Pejman Ghadimi. Both radically changed the way I see my life.

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 A healthy lifestyle 

One of my main pillars consists of having a balanced and healthy life. I achieved this not only by taking care of what I eat but, also working out and being connected to the nature. There is nothing that I enjoy more on a Saturday morning than going running and getting lost in the middle of the forest. 

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 My people 

I am really lucky because of all the good people that surround me. I feel really grateful for that. It is important to choose wisely whom do you go with. Not all types of people are beneficial for your life and the past few years I have worked hard in choosing those specific individuals I really want to have close. It is an exercise that I recommend to everyone as it has free myself from toxic people that did not really add value to my life. 

 And.. of course life with music if better