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 My life in letters 

Since I was 10 years old I have this particular habit of expressing myself through words and this is the result, 8 diaries with basically all my life written. I remember that sometimes when I travel, I invite the people to participate in the diary writing the story for me so you can imagine all the memories behind those pages. Even though might look like a pretty demanding work, these diaries not only have reinforced my discipline and creativity but also have enabled to become a more reflective person. It is fascinating reading yourself years ago and realizing how much your thought have evolved on some particular topics.


In 2017, while I was studying in Chicago, I got an offer to intern in the General Consulate of Spain in New York during the summer. I was an opportunity that I could not miss but unfortunately, the internship was not remunerated and I could not afford a flat in Manhattan so the decision was not that easy to make. When I was about to reject the offer I had an idea: Couchsurfing. This is a platform where but people all over the world offer their place to travelers in order to meet new people and live a cultural -exchange experience. 

 I survived after living at 17 

 stranger's homes in New York 

courage | responsability | frugality - ability to manage my resources wisely

creativeness | discipline | persisntance


 A piece of clothing with legacy 

When I was about to graduate, my classmates and I realized there was anything at the store of my university that could represent all the years we experience studying at that institution. I took ownership of the situation and designed this sweater and create an online shop to automate all the process. As a result, I distributed more than 300 units that year among the senior students. It was such a success that ended up becoming a tradition and each year a different group buys its customized sweater from the website.  

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After leading initiative for three years, there is one moment that has stuck in my memory: One day I arrived at a library I realized that 3/4 of the students were wearing something I created, which gave me an incredible sense of self-realization 

honor | leadership | commitment 


 Describing myself with a rap 

Out of 3.000 candidates, I was a finalist on an Elevator Pitch Contest held by Banco Santander after introducing myself with a rap. We just had 1 minute to draw the judge's attention so I came up with this rhythmic song. I have it here recorded for you, hope you enjoy it. 

think out of the box | confidence | originality 

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Therefore, I decided to share this crazy experience writing a book. I really encourage you to read it, it will blow your mind. Trust me, a 21 - year - old intern in the Consulate of Spain and a nomad in New York it is just an explosive combination you can not miss. 

I though...f I need a home for the summer why don't I stay at different people's places each week?  And that is what I did. 17 houses in total.  Some hosts were nice, others have really sophisticated pet peeves and a minority were ... better not no describe them. During that summer not only I got kicked out of some houses for defending my values but also fell in love with a host. Many stories to share.