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I have been volunteering for two years at "Adopta a un Abuelo". A program where the volunteers are assigned an elderly person that seeks for company and attention. When I joined I have the chance of meeting "Visi" a lovely 80-year-old woman with a hundred stories to share. This experience enabled me to develop a strong sensitiveness for our elders and I encourage everyone to participate in an adventure like this. 

 Having a grandmother for the first time 

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Modern Holiday Patterns_Element-42.png
Modern Holiday Patterns_Element-42.png
Modern Holiday Patterns_Element-42.png

I was brought up in a family where sponsoring kids in need was something usual. I remember my dad used to have 17 kids sponsored all over the world and they were pictures of them everywhere at home. Once I received my first salary I followed his example and met Ian, a child from Uganda. I did the sponsorship program with, a really trustworthy organization. I love when Ian sends letters home drawing. 

 Say Hi to Ian 

I served in my church on the welcoming team ensuring everyone feels involved since they arrive. The role basically involves talking to people and connecting them to the activities that the church organizes. Besides that, I collaborate at the production team, specifically on the illumination division. We make sure the stage looks as cool as you see it in the pictures!


Welcoming & Production team at church

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 Collaborating at a school in Kenia 

In 2018 I went to Kisumu (Kenia) to collaborate at a school and summer camp. It was one of the best experiences in my life, I will always carry those kids in my heart, what a pure soul they have. Instead of teaching them it was the opposite, the gave me really powerful lessons that I will never forget. 

 Well, I could write hours about this time in Africa but I will leave just the pictures, they talk for themselves. Shout out to Ronnie, Francis and Brian :)